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Bankruptcy and Tax Refunds

After going through a bankruptcy, one of the more complex issues that many individuals and families have to deal with is how it affects their taxes. Bankruptcy can impact taxes in a number of different ways, with one of the most important being how it may limit or restrict any tax refunds that debtors may be entitled to receive.

The impact that bankruptcy may have on your tax refund can vary, but generally speaking, there are a few key issues that all people who have filed for bankruptcy should be aware of in regards to tax refunds. These include:

  • Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may lead to your tax refund being taken away
  • In some situations, it may be possible to exempt your tax refund
  • The liquidation of a debtor’s assets in Chapter 7 bankruptcy may dramatically impact the size of your tax refund
  • Being the focus of an audit by the IRS can disrupt the bankruptcy process

These are just some of the different ways that bankruptcy can affect the amount of tax refund that an individual may be entitled to receive.

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